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What is a webpage? We define a webpage as a computer file of approximately 150-300 words, graphics and hypertext links to other Web pages within the Web site or to another site elsewhere on the Web.

What is a web site? We define a web site as a collection of Web pages that all relate to the site's home page content.

The Layout

Web sites may contain:

The Homepage

This is the introduction of your company and its products/services. Keep info at a minimum, i.e. company name, logo, phone numbers, fax, contact person, statement of purpose, and links to the sub-pages that follow.


Each sub-page will contain info about each product or service that you offer.

Page of links

Links to other websites that may be of interest to your prospects or customers.

Keep In Mind

In laying out and designing a website one should bear in mind that the World Wide Web is a hyper-text medium. What this means is that people will read a bit, then "click" on a highlighted word or phrase (hyper-text link) to get more information. Should the document be too long, or fails to hold their interest or take too long to load, they will "click" on something else that is more interesting or just leave the site altogether.

Client Interest

Interest is created by a number of things; content, graphics, color, and texture. We believe that content is the most important, followed by a site that is enjoyable to look at and easy to navigate. A well -designed webpage combines all of these components, artfully arranged.

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